Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Summer 2014 with Deepika !

Summer's here guys! that's why i'm gonna let you know all the must haves of the season inspired by Deeps. From makeup to shoes , we'll enter in the summer mood with our fav.
Are you ready to experiment with me? 3,2,1...Let's Style!

1: Makeup and hairdos : since in Summer the weather is hot, our skin tends to be more oily and dirty. In this case, I think that the makeup shouldn't be too heavy : choose light colours and be sure that you are using a good foundation that hasn't much oils in it ;That's why I advice to use a compact foundation.Deepika,as we know, has a great skin to makeup and her foundation tone is just perfect( nor bright nor dark).
To give a glowy look don't forget to use a highlighter like Deepika only on your cheeks, chin and front ( if necessary use it also on your nose).
Deepika uses Always skin coloured eyeshadows like taupe,beige and light brown.
One of the important part of her makeup routine is applying a line of eyeliner/kajal and a lot of mascara, which gives a bold look to your eyes.
For Summer, glossy and light toned lipstick or gloss can match perfectly with your makeup!
For the hair , make a wavy ponytail or loose them(like our Deepi)!

2: Long dresses :
When it's about Summer, Deepika can't wait to wear her fav long dresses! floreal,printed,unicolor...she has tried many. In promotions or awards , she Always looked melodious with her statuesc figure.
Eveyone can afford long dresses, doesn't matter your height or body shape!
This Summer you can dare to wear very vibrant coloured dresses ,  and if you are not confident about this, you can go for a delicated shaded dress with a fluorescent accessory that could be a bangle or your earrings.
If you are tall, you can opt for any colour and type of long dress. Otherwise, if your height is medium, choose a bright coloured one, because dark colours make you look shorter.If you are curvy and short, you don't have to choose dark colours like black or navy blue. We might know that black make us look slimmer,but it also shortens us! But if you can't, select basic colours like grey,brown or plum.

3: Short dresses : if you wanna look cute but at the same time comfortable, go for a short dress! they're available in many variety of colours,length and types .
Deepika tried to wear them in many occasions, and I would suggest you the best colours to look like Deeps.
This Summer pastel colours are very in , that's why melon,peach,yellow, or sky blue are the best choice.
match your dress with a blazer or a small leather jacket to give yourself a Rocking touch during parties.

4: Shoes : shoes are Deepika's must haves...flat or high, she can carry them with grace and style.
That's why i thought that for this Summer T-sandals are just perfect! they can go with any type of dress/cloth at anytime!
I think that flat sandals would look best in these colours: brown, black, or with a particular vibrant colour that gives an unique style to your feet!

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