Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How to : Deepika's flawless skin!

We all have some problems of pimples,blackheads and many more impuritites...So now we're going to reveil some tips given by the cute Deepika about her skin care routine!

  • Daily Skin Care : her secret behind her flaweless skin is a good moistruizer and a good sun cream! well, many of us don't use the last one, but it can be very helpful for avoiding dark spots on the skin and it helps us to prevent skin problems like tumors/cancers . How many of us know what we eat? Well, this is also an important segment for maintaining a healthy skin and also a fit body like Deeps. But how can we forget our best ally which is water! thanks to it , our skin gets hydrated and becomes more glowy, full of life.

  • At night: we all know that Deepika doesn't use too much makeup, but she's very alert about removing it and then applying her favourite hydrating cream. Make sure that you apply a good toner and a good face-wash. If you have a normal skin you can opt for a foaming face wash; For combination skin select an exfoliating cleanser; If your skin is dry and flaky go for a creamy facewash; Sensitive skin needs a simple refreshing facial wash and at last for oily skin, I will suggest an oil absorbent cleanser or a gel facial wash.


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