Saturday, 5 July 2014

In or Out : Deepika vs Katrina- who matched it best?

We all know that our gorgeous Deepika is known for her cool and stylish outfits. Traditional or Western,Deepi knew how to handle all type of dresses in her own way!

Let's now experiment DP's style with Kat's ones about ripped jeans!


-Deepika : let's start saying that Deepika's style's more casual than Kat's ones. She wore a White tee with a leather jacket and a sport bag . For the shoes she preferred a pair of White sneakers and as an accessory she wore sunglasses.She was spotted without makeup and a high ponytail .
We must say that this style is perfectly done and Deepika knows how to look IN .

-Katrina : Kat Always loves to look a bit classic and that's why she chose to wear skinny Ripped jeans with a White printed top and a black sleeveless jacket. She matched her style with a pair of black boots. Her style seemed a lil like the Far-west girls, what ya say? I think she forgot her hat...

Let's study now how these two actresses carried a maxi dress :

-Deepika : we saw Deepi wear this dress for the promotion of Ram-Leela , and she looked adorable with it. She understood how to match this beautiful White maxi dress with the right accessories and makeup. The touch of orange on her lips and earrings just gave a juicy and energetic look. Must say that the hairstyle completed her look!

-Katrina : Kat weared this dress before than Deepika, and she also looked good in it. But the lack is that her hairstyle and makeup wasn't good enough to exploit her dress. I think she looked a bit old-fashioned. Must say that even in this case DP wins!

What are your opinions? Who won it?


  1. LOL this is some biased blog who always favours deepika why compare then just make deepika look good in everything even when she isnt in the white maxi dress katrina wins hands down first of all her hairstyle is better than that of deepika and she is shooting for an advert ofcourse the lighting isnt much on her face which kind of takeaway frm the exploiting of the dress whereas deepika wore this casually at a priemere and her hair and makeup is so bad i am just saying why compare when we knw your verdict

    1. Hello !
      just wanted to say that this is only a comparison...nothing personal! :-) and btw if u dont believe my point of view,go and search for these 2 will find out that even Others say that Deepika won.
      And if u really don't like Deepika y should u waste ur time to comment in this blog...SORRY..."BIASED BLOG" XD
      hope u understood.