Sunday, 6 July 2014

How to : have bold eyes like Deepika !

One thing that I noticed about south-asian girls is that they have beautiful big eyes that can make every makeup very special! From day to night, eyes play a very important part of  our face during makeup and if enhanced their natural beauty with our fav Kajal, we would just look like divas.
Let's now step out and see how Deeps gives a bold look to her eyes!

We all know that Deepi has got very very big and gorgeous eyes , and she loves also giving a bold and femme fatale look to them. She has tried many methods of applying black eye-pencil/kajal.

style 1 : this method is quite different from Others. Deepika applied kajal on her eyelids and shaded it a little just for giving a smokey look. Then she applied the kajal under her eyes and finished her eye makeup with a lot of black mascara and a touch of highlighter on her eyebrows archs .

style 2 : this is the classic method of applying kajal by South-asian girls. this method is very simple and yet stylish. All you have to do is applying the pencil all over your eyes! and for giving a more radiant look, make sure of defining your eyebrows.

style 3 : this method is very easy and unique! you have to apply only a line with your eyepencil under your eyes and then apply your favourite coloured eye-shadow for giving a pop look.

well, the eye segment is finished! let's now see some advices :
- if your eyes aren't big enough, I would tell to avoid the 3rd method.
- if you are going to a night party, the best method will be the 1st one! try to complete this look with some glossy lipgloss or a baby pink lipstick.
-if you are thinking of going to a day party/summer party, the 3rd method would just look fab! apply eyeshadows of these colours : light blue(if you are fair skinned), pink(if you are medium skinned) and green(if you are dark skinned). Use a mat lipstick.
-if you want to have naturally big eyes with your everyday makeup, then the 2nd method is just perfect for you!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

In or Out : Deepika vs Katrina- who matched it best?

We all know that our gorgeous Deepika is known for her cool and stylish outfits. Traditional or Western,Deepi knew how to handle all type of dresses in her own way!

Let's now experiment DP's style with Kat's ones about ripped jeans!


-Deepika : let's start saying that Deepika's style's more casual than Kat's ones. She wore a White tee with a leather jacket and a sport bag . For the shoes she preferred a pair of White sneakers and as an accessory she wore sunglasses.She was spotted without makeup and a high ponytail .
We must say that this style is perfectly done and Deepika knows how to look IN .

-Katrina : Kat Always loves to look a bit classic and that's why she chose to wear skinny Ripped jeans with a White printed top and a black sleeveless jacket. She matched her style with a pair of black boots. Her style seemed a lil like the Far-west girls, what ya say? I think she forgot her hat...

Let's study now how these two actresses carried a maxi dress :

-Deepika : we saw Deepi wear this dress for the promotion of Ram-Leela , and she looked adorable with it. She understood how to match this beautiful White maxi dress with the right accessories and makeup. The touch of orange on her lips and earrings just gave a juicy and energetic look. Must say that the hairstyle completed her look!

-Katrina : Kat weared this dress before than Deepika, and she also looked good in it. But the lack is that her hairstyle and makeup wasn't good enough to exploit her dress. I think she looked a bit old-fashioned. Must say that even in this case DP wins!

What are your opinions? Who won it?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Let's style: Deepika's palazzos !

Comfortable,relaxing,light and simple...Palazzos can be worn with everystyle! Deepika loves her palazzos,do you?

1: Casual style Palazzos : With these palazzos Deepika matched a tank top and a Golden chain belt.Looking casual and simple!
I think that you can also match these palazzos with a cute shawl.

2: Boho/printed Palazzos : do you remember our bold Veronica(Deeps) in "Cocktail"?
I just noticed that she worn also a palazzo during the song "Daaru Desi", and i must say that the entire look was just chic!
I just loved the way she carried this style, and i think that also you would look very stylish with them.
To give a different style wear a crop top with a band around your head to give a hippie look.Don't forget to wear flats or t-sandals! -------------------->

3: Gala look Palazzos : these palazzos are super glamourous, and Deepika's done her best to wear them!
If you also want to glow like her in a special event, you must try out these palazzos. Be sure to combine them with some Golden accessory like a clutch or a geometric necklace to enhance your look!
Don't forget the heels!

4: Traditional style palazzos :
These palazzos are used in an unusual way... with a Kameez!
how many of you guys tried to match your fav kameez with palazzos?Well, you must try on! Here Deeps wore a sleeveless kameez by Pankaj & Nidhi with a black pair of palazzos.
You can also try them with your fav anarkali, to give a super-stylish look to you. 

How to : choose Deepika's lipstick 4 you!

One of the most important part of the makeup is applying the right tone of lipstick! Well, we all know that lipsticks are more used in the evenings or at night , but if we can choose the right colours we can wear them also during the day.
Now, let's enter in the Lipstick mania of Deepika!

1: Cherry sorbet : this colour is very glossy , with a wet touch on the lips. This type of lipstick is better for teenagers for giving themselves a bubbly look! Very pinkish and very romantic, perfect for a spring day.

 2: Glossy beige : this lipstick is very versatile, because its colour can be matched with any type of suit!And how can we forget? Deepika uses this lipstick almost everywhere.
From western looks to traditional ones, this colour is just perfect.

3: Atomic orange : this is one of my fav colours to use during the day and especially is just perfect for beach parties! It gives you a summer touch and if matched with earrings of the same colour would be just fab like our Deeps did.Full of energy!
4: Baby pink : this colour is very babiliscious and gives you a Baby touch! Sweet and delicate, it can be weared with some White dress and less makeup, to look like a princess naturally like our Deepika,right?

5: Mat red : red lipstick has become a must have in our beauty-cases.So why can't we use it more often? I would suggest you to wear it at night parties or in winter days, to give a warm look to your face! And remember, with mat lipsticks you have to use less makeup on the eyes! Better if you use more accessories and a lot of black mascara to look like a doll!
6: Rock plum : we saw Deepika wear this colour during IIFA 2014, and we must say that she looked gorgeous with it. But stay alert! dark colours like plum tend to make look your teeth more "Yellow", and it could be a very big problem to someone that hasn't got properly whiten teeth. Another thing is, if you use this lipstick the attention of Other will go to your eyes. Make sure that they have the right eyeshadow and the right mascara.
So,here are Deepika's lipsticks! choose one 4 you! but first,let me also tell you :
- If you are fair skinned, you should opt for cool toned lipsticks and you shouldn't try too dark colours or too light ones! They would make you look odd.
- If your skin tone is tan , you can opt more for beige or reds , just to make you look naturally beautiful.
- If you are dark skinned, then the best colours for you are the dark ones like plum,cherry or brown ones.
- If your lips are too big, try to make them look thinner using a little concealer and a lip-liner with the same tone of your lipstick.If you have too thin, you should try to add with your lipstick a lipgloss.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Summer 2014 with Deepika !

Summer's here guys! that's why i'm gonna let you know all the must haves of the season inspired by Deeps. From makeup to shoes , we'll enter in the summer mood with our fav.
Are you ready to experiment with me? 3,2,1...Let's Style!

1: Makeup and hairdos : since in Summer the weather is hot, our skin tends to be more oily and dirty. In this case, I think that the makeup shouldn't be too heavy : choose light colours and be sure that you are using a good foundation that hasn't much oils in it ;That's why I advice to use a compact foundation.Deepika,as we know, has a great skin to makeup and her foundation tone is just perfect( nor bright nor dark).
To give a glowy look don't forget to use a highlighter like Deepika only on your cheeks, chin and front ( if necessary use it also on your nose).
Deepika uses Always skin coloured eyeshadows like taupe,beige and light brown.
One of the important part of her makeup routine is applying a line of eyeliner/kajal and a lot of mascara, which gives a bold look to your eyes.
For Summer, glossy and light toned lipstick or gloss can match perfectly with your makeup!
For the hair , make a wavy ponytail or loose them(like our Deepi)!

2: Long dresses :
When it's about Summer, Deepika can't wait to wear her fav long dresses! floreal,printed,unicolor...she has tried many. In promotions or awards , she Always looked melodious with her statuesc figure.
Eveyone can afford long dresses, doesn't matter your height or body shape!
This Summer you can dare to wear very vibrant coloured dresses ,  and if you are not confident about this, you can go for a delicated shaded dress with a fluorescent accessory that could be a bangle or your earrings.
If you are tall, you can opt for any colour and type of long dress. Otherwise, if your height is medium, choose a bright coloured one, because dark colours make you look shorter.If you are curvy and short, you don't have to choose dark colours like black or navy blue. We might know that black make us look slimmer,but it also shortens us! But if you can't, select basic colours like grey,brown or plum.

3: Short dresses : if you wanna look cute but at the same time comfortable, go for a short dress! they're available in many variety of colours,length and types .
Deepika tried to wear them in many occasions, and I would suggest you the best colours to look like Deeps.
This Summer pastel colours are very in , that's why melon,peach,yellow, or sky blue are the best choice.
match your dress with a blazer or a small leather jacket to give yourself a Rocking touch during parties.

4: Shoes : shoes are Deepika's must haves...flat or high, she can carry them with grace and style.
That's why i thought that for this Summer T-sandals are just perfect! they can go with any type of dress/cloth at anytime!
I think that flat sandals would look best in these colours: brown, black, or with a particular vibrant colour that gives an unique style to your feet!

Let's style : Deepika's blazer mania !'s a must have! I must say that it's very versatile and can match with any type of cloth. In summer or winter, you can wear it whenever and wherever you want.
So guys, let's check out how Deeps wears her blazers often!

  • Style 1 : Floral blazer: this type of blazer is perfect for those that love prints and patterns.Deepika stylized it wearing a basic White tee and a pair of skinny jeans with her favourite flat sandals! Extremely comfortable for a hangout with friends or a summer party.

  • Style 2 : Oversize blazer :This blazer is reminiscent of the 90s , and looks quite cool with a panta palazzo or large suit pants. Deepika matched it with a necklace and with a pair of stylish rounded sunglasses of Miu-Miu. Here the style is very minimal but classy, with nothing that exceeds, perfect for gala nights like a star!


  • Style 3 : Teal blazer : This type of blazer is a bit vibrant and can be combined with various pants or tops. Deepika here chose to wear a green blazer with a trbial print tights and a pair of high boots. These blazers look best worn in day, because of their intense colours.

So Girls, which one would you wear?here are my suggestions:
  1. for "pear" shaped figures, i would like to suggest the 2nd type of blazer (Oversize one) for hiding the curves and balancing the Whole body shape. Avoid wearing tights or skinny pants with it , it would be better wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans with a pair of your favourite shoes!
  2. for girls that are too skinny, I would advice you to wear the 3rd type of blazer(Teal one), because it's a bit heavy and if matched with a printed tank top and leather tights for giving a Rock component to the Whole look would just look Fab!
  3. if your height isn't your potential , i reccomend you to wear the 1st type of blazer(Floral one). It would give a romantic look and worn with dresses (long or short) you would look more slender and don't forget the most important thing : Heels!


How to : Deepika's flawless skin!

We all have some problems of pimples,blackheads and many more impuritites...So now we're going to reveil some tips given by the cute Deepika about her skin care routine!

  • Daily Skin Care : her secret behind her flaweless skin is a good moistruizer and a good sun cream! well, many of us don't use the last one, but it can be very helpful for avoiding dark spots on the skin and it helps us to prevent skin problems like tumors/cancers . How many of us know what we eat? Well, this is also an important segment for maintaining a healthy skin and also a fit body like Deeps. But how can we forget our best ally which is water! thanks to it , our skin gets hydrated and becomes more glowy, full of life.

  • At night: we all know that Deepika doesn't use too much makeup, but she's very alert about removing it and then applying her favourite hydrating cream. Make sure that you apply a good toner and a good face-wash. If you have a normal skin you can opt for a foaming face wash; For combination skin select an exfoliating cleanser; If your skin is dry and flaky go for a creamy facewash; Sensitive skin needs a simple refreshing facial wash and at last for oily skin, I will suggest an oil absorbent cleanser or a gel facial wash.