Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Let's style : Deepika's blazer mania !

Blazer...it's a must have! I must say that it's very versatile and can match with any type of cloth. In summer or winter, you can wear it whenever and wherever you want.
So guys, let's check out how Deeps wears her blazers often!

  • Style 1 : Floral blazer: this type of blazer is perfect for those that love prints and patterns.Deepika stylized it wearing a basic White tee and a pair of skinny jeans with her favourite flat sandals! Extremely comfortable for a hangout with friends or a summer party.

  • Style 2 : Oversize blazer :This blazer is reminiscent of the 90s , and looks quite cool with a panta palazzo or large suit pants. Deepika matched it with a necklace and with a pair of stylish rounded sunglasses of Miu-Miu. Here the style is very minimal but classy, with nothing that exceeds, perfect for gala nights like a star!


  • Style 3 : Teal blazer : This type of blazer is a bit vibrant and can be combined with various pants or tops. Deepika here chose to wear a green blazer with a trbial print tights and a pair of high boots. These blazers look best worn in day, because of their intense colours.

So Girls, which one would you wear?here are my suggestions:
  1. for "pear" shaped figures, i would like to suggest the 2nd type of blazer (Oversize one) for hiding the curves and balancing the Whole body shape. Avoid wearing tights or skinny pants with it , it would be better wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans with a pair of your favourite shoes!
  2. for girls that are too skinny, I would advice you to wear the 3rd type of blazer(Teal one), because it's a bit heavy and if matched with a printed tank top and leather tights for giving a Rock component to the Whole look would just look Fab!
  3. if your height isn't your potential , i reccomend you to wear the 1st type of blazer(Floral one). It would give a romantic look and worn with dresses (long or short) you would look more slender and don't forget the most important thing : Heels!


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