Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How to : choose Deepika's lipstick 4 you!

One of the most important part of the makeup is applying the right tone of lipstick! Well, we all know that lipsticks are more used in the evenings or at night , but if we can choose the right colours we can wear them also during the day.
Now, let's enter in the Lipstick mania of Deepika!

1: Cherry sorbet : this colour is very glossy , with a wet touch on the lips. This type of lipstick is better for teenagers for giving themselves a bubbly look! Very pinkish and very romantic, perfect for a spring day.

 2: Glossy beige : this lipstick is very versatile, because its colour can be matched with any type of suit!And how can we forget? Deepika uses this lipstick almost everywhere.
From western looks to traditional ones, this colour is just perfect.

3: Atomic orange : this is one of my fav colours to use during the day and especially is just perfect for beach parties! It gives you a summer touch and if matched with earrings of the same colour would be just fab like our Deeps did.Full of energy!
4: Baby pink : this colour is very babiliscious and gives you a Baby touch! Sweet and delicate, it can be weared with some White dress and less makeup, to look like a princess naturally like our Deepika,right?

5: Mat red : red lipstick has become a must have in our beauty-cases.So why can't we use it more often? I would suggest you to wear it at night parties or in winter days, to give a warm look to your face! And remember, with mat lipsticks you have to use less makeup on the eyes! Better if you use more accessories and a lot of black mascara to look like a doll!
6: Rock plum : we saw Deepika wear this colour during IIFA 2014, and we must say that she looked gorgeous with it. But stay alert! dark colours like plum tend to make look your teeth more "Yellow", and it could be a very big problem to someone that hasn't got properly whiten teeth. Another thing is, if you use this lipstick the attention of Other will go to your eyes. Make sure that they have the right eyeshadow and the right mascara.
So,here are Deepika's lipsticks! choose one 4 you! but first,let me also tell you :
- If you are fair skinned, you should opt for cool toned lipsticks and you shouldn't try too dark colours or too light ones! They would make you look odd.
- If your skin tone is tan , you can opt more for beige or reds , just to make you look naturally beautiful.
- If you are dark skinned, then the best colours for you are the dark ones like plum,cherry or brown ones.
- If your lips are too big, try to make them look thinner using a little concealer and a lip-liner with the same tone of your lipstick.If you have too thin, you should try to add with your lipstick a lipgloss.

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